Our Story from Small Town to Buying Houses

How did is all start?

Todd here, founder of Core Cash Home Buyers. I am originally from a small town in Northern Wisconsin. I grew up jumping of train bridges into the Yellow River to swim during the summer and trying to keep warm in the winter. It was a great place to grow up. We learned about community and helping our neighbors. If someone in the neighborhood needed something families rallied behind each other. Sometime we were on the giving side and something we were on the receiving side. I learned about compassion and helping others because we all need a helping hand sometime.

After I graduated High School, I went off to college and my parents decided to move to Florida to start a business in Orlando. When they started their business they had to pour every penny into growing the business and getting it off the ground. While they were focusing on their business in Orlando, their home in Wisconsin (the home we grew up in) went into Foreclosure and eventually the bank took it back.

Since this was the town that my Dad grew up in, his pride took a hit and he had to take the failure stride. Eventually my parents came out the other side when their business took off a year later, but it wasn’t without financial struggles.

Fast forward 20 years, I moved to Florida and had some business success. I never forgot my roots and didn’t forget what happened to my family home. In 2010, there were families in my local community that were hit hard by the real estate crash. I couldn’t shake the feeling and wanted to help.

After the Crash

In December of 2010, I purchased my first foreclose properties with a couple friends. It was in foreclosure and the family had to move. We have always treated other with respect and tied to help everyone. We purchased the property and made a bunch of mistakes in the process but learned and gained experience. Since then we have helped hundreds of people and families through the process. We have not purchased them all but he help each of them get to where they wanted to get.

Today We Continue to Help Our Community

Today we continue to help. Everyone that I meet that is having a housing issue, I tell them, “I would love to buy your house, but if you don’t want to sell to me, I will help you anyway I can”. I have stayed true to that and over the years we’ve been able to help countless families exit gracefully from their home and get a fresh start. We purchase homes throughout Florida and other areas outside the state. There are a number of solutions to help families that are facing foreclosure or having real estate issues. Some of them will help you stay in your house. If you’re feeling stress from your home, please reach out and see how we can help.

Contact Us

Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help. Thank you. We look forward to helping.